“bee”neath the light of the harvest moon:  Angel Card Reading

“bee”neath the light of the harvest moon: Angel Card Reading

“bee”neath the light of the harvest moon:  Angel Card Reading Hello friends, and Happy Full Moon!  The angels have some incredible messages to share with us today as we anticipate tonight’s full moon.  I hope they are a blessing to you and that the guidance, […]

I “bee”lieve there are angels among us

I “bee”lieve there are angels among us

I “bee”lieve there are angels among us Hello friends!  I hope you’re all having an absolutely angelic day!! I’m often asked if there are any ways that angels will make their presence known other than by being able to physically see or hear an angelic […]

the space “bee”tween

the space “bee”tween

the space “bee”tween

Hello friends!

There’s been something on my mind and tugging at my heart for some time now, and today I felt it pulling at my heartstrings so hard that I knew it was the angels telling me it was time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

I’ve lovingly (and proudly, I might add) referred to us lightworkers as a “band of misfits”..which usually gets a chuckle out of my husband, and fellow misfit, Caleb.  And while we may have done the inner work and gained the higher perspective to now see our weirdness as one of our greatest attributes, I’m sure we can all easily recall the years we spent ostracized, shunned, pushed away, and otherwise left out.  And, I’m sure we can all remember how that made us feel…

and, quite honestly, how much it hurt.

So, my question is, why are we now doing that that to others?

Now, I’m sure that my posing that question has left more than a few of you bristled, and maybe even a little bit offended and defensive.

That’s okay.. I was prepared for that.

I am also prepared to be a part of a collective movement to bring about a needed change, one that I truly hope and believe can make a huge difference for us all.

So, back to my question.  Why are we, as lightworkers, shutting so many people out and “walling off our borders”, so to speak?  Time and time again I’m seeing, hearing, and feeling so much judgement of, and separation from, those that are not yet awake.  It’s almost like we’ve started an exclusive club for highly conscious beings and us “5dr’s”are the only ones who know the secret handshake.

And, part of me gets it.  We’ve all been through so much, and have worked so hard, to be in a place where we feel good and confident and accepted.  And furthermore, we have made up our minds that the whole business of the third and fourth dimensions are not something we care to involve ourselves in ever again, thank you very much!

Trust me, I get it…I really do.

Here’s the thing I believe we are missing if we choose to subscribe to that thought process.  Remember that whole thing about volunteering to come on this mission and be here at this time to be a lightworker?  And the whole mission hinged on us awakening, activating our lightbodies and memory codes, and then anchoring light in order to raise the consciousness of the planet for the freedom of humanity.

Have we forgotten that being a lightworker means being a light to guide others out of darkness?

How are we going to do that if we completely seclude ourselves from that which we deem “darkness”?  If we make our light exclusive and inaccessible, then what good are we doing?

Don’t get me wrong…a room full of awakened, multi-dimensional, bad-ass beings sounds like a party I want to be a part of!  And, I believe with all of my heart that there will be a time for that.  But let’s not forget that there’s still work to do.

Light to anchor.

Compassion to show.

Unconditional love to extend.

There are still waves upon waves of unawakened souls, just like you and I were not too long ago, that desperately need us to be engaged, connected, and more committed than ever to guide them toward the light of truth and through the gates of the New Earth.

Let’s collectively make a choice to make ourselves available in service to humanity.  Let’s allow ourselves to be a bridge from the third dimension to the fifth, with an unwavering knowing that we are fit for the job.  Let’s answer the call once again and renew our determination to be the embodiment of the unconditional love of the creator so that the face of humanity will be forever changed for the better.

We are at, what I believe, is a critical phase of our mission.  Mass awakening is in the process of happening as we speak, and people are desperately searching for a light to guide them out of the darkness.

Let’s make it easy for them to find.

Let’s shine the brilliant and beautiful light of the creator to say, “Follow me…I know the way!  The New Earth is right around the corner, and you’re going to love it!!!”

Thank you all for being here.  I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with each of you.  Don’t miss the Angel Card Reading that goes along with this article.  And, if you’d like an in-depth, personal reading and coaching session, please head on over to the services page to reserve an appointment!


Blessings, Love, and Light,

the space “bee”tween: Angel Card Reading

the space “bee”tween: Angel Card Reading

the space “bee”tween: Angel Card Reading Hello friends! The angels, being the awesome friends that they are, have given us some guidance, affirmation, and encouragement for the week! This is a general reading for the week of October 15th-22nd. Enjoy! Blessings, Love, and Light!   […]

“Bee”tween Two Worlds: Angel Card Reading

“Bee”tween Two Worlds: Angel Card Reading

“Bee”tween Two Worlds Hello friends!  I was called to pull some cards that may serve to help bring guidance, understanding, and encouragement as we navigate the shift into the new timelines now available to us.  Choose the card that you feel intuitively guided to connect […]

“bee”tween two worlds

“bee”tween two worlds

“bee”tween two worlds

Hello friends!  Welcome to October!  And, as we say here in Kentucky, “Happy fall y’all!”

I hope everyone had a beautiful equinox, and that you’re integrating the energies of expansion as we work to release any lingering fear and victim based mentalities once and for all.  The universe is asking us now, more than ever before, to release that which is no longer serving us, and is stretching us to fully open our high hearts so that we may express ourselves authentically in every moment as unconditional love.

These energies are requiring us to revisit some of the deepest, darkest parts of ourselves, and are giving us the opportunity to face anything that may still be lingering in the shadows so that we may expose it to light for full transmutation.

Anything that the ego has been allowing us to hide from ourselves and hang on to will be brought to our attention…so be prepared.

However, there is no need to fear these energies or this shift.  We are powerful and capable beings, and our journeys (or, “big adventures” as I like to call them) have fully equipped and prepared us for each new, now moment.  We were made for this “hero’s journey”, and we are backed by a whole legion of angels whose purpose and greatest joy it is to be with us every step of the way.

So, let’s make a choice to meet these energies with gratitude, excitement, and maybe even a bit of childlike wonder.  Let’s shift our perspective to see an entire universe conspiring for our highest and greatest good, and freely and fully allow the heavy, dense layers of ourselves to be shed to reveal our true divine nature of God in human form.

I am grateful to be here on Earth at this time, in this moment of rebirth.  I am grateful for the journey, for both the blissful highs and heart wrenching lows, that have brought me home to myself.

And I am grateful for each of you who are committed to the relentless pursuit of truth, love, and light.

Be sure to check out the angel card reading that goes along with this article, as the angels have offered us some additional insight, understanding, and encouragement for navigating this shift.  And, if you feel so led, and would like a personal, in-depth reading, you can do so by navigating to the home page and clicking on the heart located below “angel sessions”.

Blessings, Love, and Light,

“bee” ready for big changes

“bee” ready for big changes

“bee” ready for big changes Hello friends! I hope you are all enjoying the experiences you are creating!…more on that later;)  So, has the world gone nutso enough for you yet?  Well, hang on to your yoga socks, because we’re just getting warmed up!! You […]

“bee” still and know

“bee” still and know

“bee” still and know Hi there!  Thank you again for stopping by to spend  a few moments with me!  I hope you are having a fantastic day, but if some reason you aren’t, just let me know..I’d be happy to send you some loving, healing, […]

“bee” a light

“bee” a light

“bee” a light

Hi There!

I’m so glad that you decided to stop by angel bee!  My name is Christy, and it’s a pleasure to “bee” a part of your day!  I created angel bee out of an intense desire and divine calling to share truth, love, light, and encouragement with a world that, I think we can all agree, could use a little more of those things!  No matter where you are on your journey, I hope you’ll feel right at home here, and find something that encourages you to  seek, accept, and embody the divine creation you are…and make a few new feathered friends along the way!

I think we can all feel the world we live in shifting.  As if nothing makes sense, yet everything is starting to come to light all at the same time.

Don’t worry!  This is supposed to be happening!

The world is “waking up”, so to speak, after being in a sleepy fog for quite some time.  Due to many, many things (which I will try to help you understand as we go) humanity has been misled into believing that we have to be in a race in life, always competing to see who can accumulate the most, have the biggest house, the best dressed wife and kids, use only designer products, etc..  But where does that get us?

In my experience, further away from God, further away from the truth, disconnected from those we love the most, and a dreadful feeling that we are just checking a proverbial box until one day we don’t wake up, and hope for the best as we stand at the pearly gates.

But there’s always that nagging feeling….that there’s got to be something more.

That God wouldn’t have so perfectly created us just to be a slave to our jobs, routines, and keeping up with the Jones’s. The truth is, he didn’t. He created this entire beautiful world, and everything in it, in the blink of an eye. And he did it with bold expression, vivid color and personality, and perfect attention to detail. You are not an accident, nor are you a number on a production line that goes by with no notice or no regard.

He made us in his image…think about what that means. He made us to be like him. Perfect and not lacking in any way.

The divinity of our creator lies within each of us, should we bravely and boldly accept and embody it!!

Now, that is good news!


But it poses a real problem to those here on Earth wouldn’t benefit very much from the human race being content and happy, focusing inward on the condition of our hearts, and aligning with our purpose to love God and love others. So, just like a plan was put in place to bring us back to God, a distinct plan was put into place by dark forces to keep us from God, and to even keep us from realizing just how far away from God we are or how we got there. Now, that is good news! But it poses a real problem to those here on Earth wouldn’t benefit very much from the human race being content and happy, focusing inward on the condition of our hearts, and aligning with our purpose to love God and love others. So, just like a plan was put in place to bring us back to God, a distinct plan was put into place by dark forces to keep us from God, and to even keep us from realizing just how far away from God we were, or how we got there.

Please believe me, I don’t share this with you to scare you or judge you. Quite the opposite really.

I share this with you because you are a divine being, with the same piece of God within you that is within me, worthy of the truth.

Until recently I was in the same day to day race, on the same hamster wheel, just hoping for the best when it was all said and done. But thankfully, some pretty amazing stuff has been happening in my little corner of the world, and I just can’t have this knowledge and not share it. It’s part of the whole “love people” thing that God requires. We should be sharing with one another instead of desperately trying to push our fellow brothers and sisters out of the way on our way up.

I believe that if we join together, share information and resources, and help one another, that God will bless us beyond measure and we will achieve a state of bliss and peace like we could never even imagine.

So, I invite you to join me on this journey for truth. I must warn you, it will take everything you thought to be true and turn it on its head. It will shake you to the very core, challenge every belief you hold sacred, and it will completely dismantle your ego. What it will leave you with is a relentless pursuit of truth and enlightenment, an ability to approach any situation with unconditional love and compassion, and a peace that really does surpass all understanding.

How incredibly humbling it is to be brought to your knees in gratitude with the knowledge that the same power that created the entire universe resides within each of us should we choose to accept it.

Take my hand and let’s explore together the depth and breadth of God’s love and creation, and his presence in all things. It’s a wild ride, but I promise you that it’s worth it!

Blessings, Love, and Light,